Back at it


![Muhammad Masood](https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1492005844208-658251ca63de?dpr=2&auto=format&fit=crop&w=300&q=80&cs=tinysrgb&crop=&bg=)<br> [Photo by Muhammad Masood](https://unsplash.com/@muhammadbinmasood) It's been about a year since I've published anything. I have a few drafts on ice and they're all so sad. Sift Science has kept me busy learning and growing. I'm learning so much but keep failing to write about it, which is a problem. Writing helps me reinforced what I've learn and gives me a great reference point. There are countless times I've used my [regex post](https://www.kaoruk.com/posts/02-25-2016-regexing) to do back and forward matches. I can only imagine what I'll forget in the future...probably a lot. I'm going to promise future posts I'm planning to write: - Discovering race conditions at Sift - Learning from scripting - Bash pipe commands - Using Postgresql as a queue - Index Learnings That is 5 posts! Seriously not getting this done immediately but I promise to get one a week if not at the very least one every 2 weeks. We use so many tools at Sift it's really exciting to learn about all the different systems and technologies and actually use them on a daily basis. - HBase - Kafka - ZooKeeper - ElasticSearch Oh and I write in Java now, never thought that would be a thing. I took a [Udemy](https://www.udemy.com/java-the-complete-java-developer-course/) course at the beginning of 2017 and haven't looked back. I surprisingly enjoy writing in Java. I especially love having mature tools to leverage concurrency. Intellij has been key to learning the language and makes it way easier to write code. Sift has exposed an area of weakness of mine, communication. My message sometimes fails to be clear enough for everyone to understand. This was pretty surprising because I've mentored a handful of students in the past and haven't had this problem. The difference is when I mentor folks, the idea in my head is clear, I know the problem, I know the solution, I've tested. For work I'm in the middle of understanding the problem or testing out a few solutions and nothing is really clear in my head. I've been starting my slack conversations with `===== spit balling` to indicate that I'm rubber ducking and to prove that I'm making some progress on the problem. I want to also add a commenting system on this site now that I got SSL going woot! Stay tuned...

Schedule is everything


I have been really religious about working out. So much so that I've lost weight yay! Now I gotta apply the same habits to writing a blog post every week. It has been a **month** since I decided to start writing again. Welp that didn't happen as planed and I think it's because I didn't plan it. I have to block an hour maybe even more to just sit down and write what I've learn. A brain dump for sure. If you want to start something you have to make time for it for sure. So here I go...again.

Starting over...again!


I said to myself, let's redo my blog cause I can't read things because everything is too big and it's difficult to navigate and because I have nothing to work on and blah blah blah. So I started and then promptly stopped. I stopped because I got distracted with Starcraft 2 and the exciting release of the next expansion. I had to blow off some steam and now that that's done with I want to work on something that will improve myself as a coder. Blog came to mind because I absolutely suck at keeping track of my accomplishments and so I thought OH this is a perfect opportunity to keep track of my accomplishments and works done at Inside, but alas my blog looks ugly etc etc etc. Welp, I'm not about to recreate something I don't use. So instead of restarting another portfolio site, especially since I don't post things, I've decided to publish more blog posts rather than do a redesign because come on let's face it. A blog post's goal is simply to be a platform for content. If I haz no content I haz no blog. Simply put. So hopefully this will be the start of something different.